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What Is Temp Mail? aims to ensure the security and privacy of people on their websites and social media platforms, thanks to the temp mail it provides. With fake email, you can get rid of spam mail. Where you don’t want to share your mail account, temp mail will be convenient for you. Thanks to random mail, no one will have access to your account. In this way, it will be possible to handle all your personal affairs with this e-mail account. When you are going to make transactions on many unreliable sites, you can ensure your reliability in the best way thanks to these e-mail accounts.

• Temp mail is offered to you through for you to handle your transactions practically. It is possible to have as many e-mail accounts as you want from the site. You can also delete the e-mail account you don’t like and get a new one. You can refresh the site until you discover the e-mail account you want.

• The fake mail will be delivered to you in seconds. Emails sent to your mail account will appear on the home page. If you wish, you can also delete the e-mails in your account.

Frequently Asked Questions
What Purpose Is Temp Mail Used For?
People prefer fake mail instead of personal mail because they don’t want to use their personal information on social media platforms and websites. In this way, spam comes to this account.
What Should You Do to Get a Temp Mail Account?
As, you will be presented with an e-mail on the main screen of the site. In this way, you can copy and paste temp mail and use it wherever you want.
Where Are The Incoming Mails Appearing?
The mails sent to your temp mail account appear in the designated section on the main screen. You can view it from there.